Advanced skin care services 


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that uses a professional diamond tip machine to slough off the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells. This treatment reveals healthier, younger-looking skin.  This is great for antiaging, acne and fine lines!


45min $65

Series of 4 treatments for $240 

(needs to be every 4 weeks)

PCA Chemical Peels

PCA chemical peels are the leading chemical peel company in the industry!  These are blended chemical peels for sensitive, acne-prone, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation skin types.  The skins appearance may improve with a series of peels performed every 3 weeks apart!  Some peels actually cause skin shedding!  A consultation and a facial is performed before you begin your series of PCA peels.  Peels include a post care kit! 


PCA peel $99

Series of 4 $350


Dermaplaning is an advanced technique using a scalpel to exfoliate the skin!  This service removes the "peach fuzz" on our face, leaving it silky smooth!  It exfoliates dead skin cells, and debris from the surface.  Allows product penetration and absorption, improves fine lines instantly, and helps dull looking skin look vibrant again!  


45min $75 

Series of 4 for $280 (needs to be every 4 weeks) 

Oxygenation Facial

The oxygenation facial is a 3-in-1 Super Facial that uses proprietary technology to deeply exfoliate, infuse and oxygenate the skin! Using radio frequency to lift and plump the skin, ultrasound to help product absorption, and oxygenation to exfoliate. The treatment is exfoliating, oxygenating, non-invasive and generally non-irritating. Leave the spa with the oxygenation glow!

The Oxygenation Facial uses CO2 bubbles which gently burst on the skin,sending oxygen-rich blood to the area. This results in plumper, more hydrated skin with improved texture. This Customizable service uses NeoRevive™Anti-Aging for rejuvenation or the NeoBright™ Brightening for skin
brightening and texture improvement.

Face and Neck  $130

Add decollete $30

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