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What is Microchanneling?

Procell microchanneling is the newest state of the art skin care technology available!  This is the most noninvasive, results driven skin care procedure available!  This treatment is nearly pain free with little to no downtime! 

Microchanneling uses a stamping technique to create tiny, clean microchannels in the skin. These microscopic channels stimulate collagen production, and increase the rate of serum absorption by 300%. Procell’s microchanneling device uses tiny needles which minimizes damage to the dermis for faster recovery.


During the procedure we infuse procell serums into the skin at the same time.  These serums contain human growth factors, and cytokines which help to re-grow new collagen and elastin.  Leaving the skin younger, brighter, and more youthful! 

Benefits of Procell's  Microchanneling 


-Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles

-acne scarring

-Surgical scarring

-Stretch marks 


-Uneven skin tone and texture


-Hair loss

-Saggy skin 

What to expect during your treatment

A consultation will be performed along with skin analysis to determine the best results.  During the consultation you will be educated about pre and post treatment, expectations, and the recommended plan of action for optimal results. Every treatment will be customized according to the clients needs and estheticians recommendations.  Expect some redness post treatment that may last 24-48 hours.  You will be sent home with a post care kit, and a hydration mask! 

What is the difference between Procell microchanneling and micro needling?

It's simple, it's all about the stem cell-derived growth factors that maximize results distinguish the Procell treatment. Procell Microchanneling also uses a stamping technique, which is less damaging to the skin than any other technique.  Procell microchanneling tips are safe, because each tip has a fixed depth.  Microneedling devices have adjustable depths which are not always accurate. With micro needling, the device is dragged across the skin which leads to uneven "channels".  Also, with Procell microchanelling there are far more "channels" created in the skin revealing the best results!

What does Procell Microchanneling cost?

Procell Microchanneling treatment:  Includes face, hydration mask and post care products

Procell MD face  $325

add Neck              $100

add Chest             $250

4 sessions for face $1300 (Includes 3 mini peels, and full size serums ($500 value) 

Hair Thinning $250

4 sessions for $1000

Please call to schedule a consultation for other body parts

**Please call for special discounts or promotions**

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